Harmonized of Nature,
Tradition and Original Technology

"The world of Shiozawa Kumiko"

Thinly slit wooden pieces are shaved manually to fabricate geometric design without the use of nails.
It is a traditional Japanese woodcraft produce fabricate geometric design without the use of nails.
It is said this is one of the best woodcraft in the world as it requires delicate and high technology.

About Kumiko


I am grateful to the artisans who have protected and passed on their techniques for 500 years, even in times of difficulty.

The story of Masanobu Shiozawa
Prime Minister's Award "Summer Shoji"

Prime Minister's Award "Summer Shoji"

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Specialty of Shiozawa KumikoSHIOZAWA KUMIKO

Shiozawa Kumiko’s feature is to keep fabricating the traditional Kumiko to a minimum size, and embody them like paintings.
We use 50000 to 80000 pieces of woods to compose one product manually and when it comes to a large size product, the pieces will be more than 150000.
To express each product, we use 32 type of the wood and take its advantage of the natural color.
From the combination of the traditional technology and Shiozawa Craft’s original new technology, we compose the ONLY ONE Kumiko in the world.
the ONLY ONE Kumiko in the world

Specialty of Shiozawa Kumiko